Missile Defense Certification: Examination of the U.S. Navy Aegis Warship and U.S. Army Patriot Crew Certification Process   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The process employed by Naval Surface Forces to capture information during warfare certification is enabled by a computer-based feedback mechanism. The Surface Force Type Commander employs two information management system models in the form of Training and Operational Readiness Information Service (TORIS) and Training Figure of Merit (TFOM) to report progress, capture data, compare trends, and achieve training and certification process efficiency. These systems have advantages that can be recognized and capitalized upon by other elements within the Ballistic Missile Defense community. This thesis examines how two Ballistic Missile Defense elements-Naval Aegis units and Army Patriot units-leverage technology to capture data as part of the certification timeline and the degree of alignment between the certification processes of the elements. It is recommended that an initiative be undertaken to record and retain data associated with certification events down to a granular (unit) level. It is further recommended that the Patriot community in particular consider an information technology solution for the issue of unit-level readiness management."

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