FDA's Strategic Plan for Risk Communication   [open pdf - 211KB]

"The purpose of this document is to describe the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's strategy for improving how the agency communicates about regulated products. The strategy is intended to guide program development and research planning in a dynamic environment where rapidly evolving technologies enable patients and consumers to become increasingly involved in managing their health and well-being. We define three key areas-science, capacity, and policy-in which strategic actions can help improve how we communicate about the risks and benefits of regulated products, as well as how we oversee communications produced by regulated entities. The box titled FDA Risk Communication Strategic Plan at a Glance summarizes the three key areas and the associated strategies on which we will focus our efforts. This FDA Strategic Plan for Risk Communication is an ambitious one that will take time and substantial collaboration with stakeholders to implement. However, FDA is confident this strategy will help ensure that FDA-regulated products are used appropriately, a goal critical to the agency's mission of protecting and promoting the public health."

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