Protection against a Ship as a Weapon   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Stopping a ship commandeered and used as a weapon to attack shore infrastructure in the Strait of Malacca is a challenging problem. The purpose of this thesis is to determine systems that constitute architectures of an SoS to stop oil tanker that is hijacked with the intention of running into the oil terminal on Jurong Island, Singapore. In addition, this research aims at laying a sound systems engineering foundation for addressing this problem. The approach primarily leverages the System of Systems Architecture Development Process (SoSADP) [1]. Systems to stop hijacked merchant vessels or ships used as weapons (SAW) are investigated. This thesis shows that there are means to stop a SAW. These include existing and postulated systems that warrant further consideration and study for inclusion into Singapore's Maritime Domain Protection (MDP) architecture. The results of the research cited in this thesis have potential MDP applications around the world and can serve as tools for decision makers in future SAW and MDP analysis. All products in this thesis can be expanded in the future as part of the iterative systems engineering process."

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