Interagency Management of Complex Crisis Operations Handbook   [open pdf - 309KB]

"This handbook is intended to institutionalize the mechanisms for managing complex crises. While the following chapters focus mainly on interagency cooperation for complex foreign crises, these mechanisms may also be applied toward enhancing interagency efforts during domestic emergencies. These procedures were derived from After Action Review from past United States (U.S.) participation in complex foreign crises and subsequent improvements made in the interagency planning process. The handbook provides a guide for those in the interagency community who are or will be involved in planning such operations. There are five chapters in this handbook, followed by a series of appendices. Chapter 1 briefly discusses the historical background of the interagency coordination initiative and provides and introduction into the current system. Chapter 2 outlines the integrated interagency planning process that should take place in preparation for U.S. involvement in a complex crisis. Chapter 3 discusses the tools available to assist interagency planning for U.S. intervention, and Chapter 4 reviews strategic-level lessons derived from past operations. Chapter 5 concludes by highlighting the critical process of institutionalizing the process."

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