Architecting a Net-centric Operations System of Systems for Multi-domain Awareness   [open pdf - 3MB]

"Maritime domain awareness (MDA) entails knowing what is happening in the oceans and waterways that could affect the security or environment of the United States. With a focus on potential attack vessels (PAV) as threats in the maritime domain, a multi-domain SoS is needed to exploit and integrate information from multiple sources, including sensors, databases, and intelligence, to provide reconnaissance, surveillance, and information used in the formulation of a common operational picture (COP), a tool to effect maritime domain awareness. In this thesis the best architecture of net-centric operations (NCO) multidomain system of systems (SoS) for MDA is determined, employing an integrated systems engineering methodology for analyzing and ranking systems of systems architectures. This methodology involves the use of process modeling, modeling of an SoS with the systems modeling language (SysML), and subsequent conversion of the resulting SysML diagrams into an ExtendTM executable simulation model, used in a simulative study carried out to evaluate three multi-domain awareness SoS architecture alternatives in terms of the time to establish a COP and the probability of COP accuracy. Of the three architecture alternatives, a conceptual SoS whose constituting systems are connected in a distributed network with a high degree of connectivity is found to take the least amount of time to establish a COP and to have a high probability of COP accuracy. It can thus be considered to be the best of the three MDA SoS architecture alternatives."

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