AF Instruction 16-601: Implementation of, and Compliance with, Arms Control Agreements   [open pdf - 82KB]

This instruction implements AFPD 16-6, "Arms Control Agreements", and Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 2060.1, "Implementation of, and Compliance With, Arms Control Agreements", July 31, 1992. It gives the directive requirements for implementing and complying with arms control agreements. It applies to all organizations involved in the acquisition, operation, and support of weapon systems or items that are affected by arms control and related agreements. Additional related publications include: AFPD 10-6, "Mission Needs and Operational Requirements and AFI 10-601, Mission Needs and Operational Requirements Guidance and Procedures". This revision adds education and training responsibilities to HQ USAF/XOXI (paragraph 1.1.10.); adds education and training responsibilities to MAJCOM Arms Control Offices (paragraph 1.2.); adds three treaties/agreements: Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), and the Biological Weapons (BW) Trilateral Agreement (Table A1.1.); and deletes Air Force Arms Control Review Board and Security Policy Review Group. This instruction supercedes AFI 16-601, from 22 March 1994. This publication is available digitally on the AFDPO/PP WWW site at: http://afpubs.hq.af.mil.

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AFI 16-601
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