Critical Infrastructure Protection: 'ILOVEYOU' Computer Virus Highlights Need for Improved Alert and Coordination Capabilities, Statement of Jack L. Brock, Jr., Director, Governmentwide and Defense Info Systems Accounting and Information Management Division, Testimony before the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions, Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, U.S. Senate   [open pdf - 147KB]

The "ILOVEYOU" computer virus is the latest in a series of events on the Internet that have seriously disrupted computer operations in both government and private industry. Although the federal government is working to implement mechanisms to help agencies ward off such an attack, it was not effective at detecting the virus early on and warning agencies about the threat. Consequently, most agencies were affected. Some incurred damage to systems and files, and many others spent countless staff hours fending off the attack and reestablishing e-mail service. Overall, however, once they learned of the virus, agencies responded promptly and appropriately. In addition to discussing the virus, this testimony addresses its impact on federal agencies as well as measures that can be taken to mitigate the effects of future attacks, which promise to be increasingly sophisticated and damaging and harder to detect.

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