Air Occupation: A Viable Concept for Campaign Planning?   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This monograph investigates how the Air Force concept of air occupation applies to operational campaign planning. The post Cold War era and a New World Order poses new challenges for operational planners. They must meet the changing geopolitical environment with new doctrines and concepts that apply military means in a mono polar world with reduced force structures. Air occupation is a new concept designed for the post Cold War era. The first section puts air occupation in perspective by expanding on Clausewitz's paradigm of limited war. Then air occupation is defined and explored. Air occupation is a new Air Force concept for joint operations. It is the asymmetrical application of joint aerospace technology to exploit the advantages of operating in the air dimension. Technologically intensive, air occupation uses joint airpower asymmetrically to achieve a relative position of advantage over a designated region. Established in space and time, this asymmetry generates a position of advantage to achieve operational and strategic effects. [...] This monograph concludes that air occupation is a viable operational concept for campaign planning in a limited war context. It is currently being used in Iraq and having a relative degree of operational and strategic effects."

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