Tell Me What I Need To Know: What Mayors and Governors Want from Their Fusion Center   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Mayors and governors who represent high threat, high population density urban areas need strategic, decision-making advantages and, as such, should be significant users of fusion centers. These chief executives desire to understand the operating environment for their jurisdictions where daily risks and threats emerge from the complexities of an integrated world. Paradoxically, as will be outlined through this thesis, there is a lack of robust engagement between fusion centers and mayors and governors. While this thesis does not suggest executives know nothing about their fusion centers, the lack of direct and regular engagement is problematic given that top elected officials are responsible for leadership and funding decisions that prevent, mitigate, and respond to threats to their jurisdictions. Without engagement, fusion centers struggle to meet executive expectations, and mayors and governors miss critical opportunities to leverage their fusion centers. By addressing this engagement and expectations gap, fusion centers will be better situated to help these busy chief executives develop adaptive long-term strategic approaches for preventing, preparing, responding to and mitigating threats and all hazards in their jurisdictions, where they ultimately are held accountable by their constituency." A 7-minute, 55-second video interview on this thesis is also available at the following link: [https://www.hsdl.org/?abstract&did= 31118]

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