AF Pamphlet 14-210: USAF Intelligence Targeting Guide   [open pdf - 2MB]

This pamphlet explains the principles and concepts of targeting. The data included pertains to tactical, operational, and strategic levels of operations. It begins with a discussion of a target and target systems, then describes the information and intelligence required for targeting, the scope and functions of targeting, analytical techniques, battlefield targeting, and legal aspects of targeting. This pamphlet was prepared by the Targeting Division, HQ 497 Intelligence Group, Air Intelligence Agency. This pamphlet is a revision to AFP 200-17, AFP 200-18 Volumes I and II, and updates target intelligence concepts. Time tested target intelligence techniques and procedures have been reincorporated, updated information on doctrinal issues in the intelligence and operations arena has been included, migration automated systems are described where they pertain to targeting, existing chapters were reordered, and two sections added; a chapter on targeting and information warfare and an attachment on the evolution of targeting. This document supercedes AFP 200-17 from June 1989 and AFO 299-18 volumes I and II from October 1990. This publication is available digitally on the SAF/AAD WWW site at: http://afpubs.hq.af.mil.

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AFPAM 14-210
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