Security and Stability in Afghanistan: Status of U.S. Strategy and Operations and the Way Ahead, Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, One Hundred Tenth Congress, First Session, December 11, 2007   [open pdf - 416KB]

From the opening statement of Ike Skelton: "I am extremely pleased to have you with us, to discuss our way forward in Afghanistan. It could not be more critical at a time like this, and I am real concerned that given our preoccupation in Iraq, we have not devoted sufficient troops and funding to Afghanistan to ensure success in that mission. Afghanistan has been the forgotten war. The opportunity has been squandered, and now we are clearly seeing the effects. We must reprioritize and shift needed resources from Iraq to Afghanistan. We must once again make Afghanistan the center force in the war against terrorism. Our national security and Afghanistan's future are at stake. Our allies and our partners must do more, but we must, of course, lead the way. Secretary Gates, I know you just returned from a trip to Afghanistan this last week. And during your trip, you expressed concern about the continued increase in violence in that country, and you were also greeted with pleas from President Karzai and senior Afghan officials for more assistance. Suicide bombings and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks are up. The Afghan Security Forces are facing real shortfalls, problems of narcotics, corruption, slow development persist. At the same time despite a string of tactical victories in Afghanistan this year, we hear that intelligence officials are increasingly worried about a looming strategic failure in the country and point to signs that the larger war effort there is deteriorating." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: John M. McHugh, Ike Skelton, Robert M. Gates, Michael Mullen, Eric S. Edelman, John F. Sattler, K. Michael Conaway, Rick Larsen, Patrick J. Murphy, and Carol Shea-Porter.

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