President Nixon's Decision to Renounce the U.S. Offensive Biological Weapons Program   [open pdf - 784KB]

"President Nixon's decision to renounce biological and toxin weapons marked the end of three assumptions that had long provided the foundation of U.S. CBW policy: that chemical and biological weapons were inextricably linked, that the United States needed to maintain an offensive BW capability to deter the use of such weapons by others, and that the United States must be prepared to retaliate in kind to a biological attack. Moreover, by establishing for the first time a clear distinction between chemical and biological weapons, the President's decision made it easier for the United States to support the United Kingdom's draft convention to ban biological and toxin weapons while resisting diplomatic pressures from the Soviet Union and its allies to expand the prohibition to cover CW."

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Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction Case Study 1
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