Analysis of China's Information Technology Strategies and Their Implication for US National Security Republic of China   [open pdf - 1MB]

"In the past decades, China's military modernization and economy fast development has increasingly attracted international attention, especially the United States. In addition, the PLA has begun to study the revolution in the military affairs (RMA) by focusing on asymmetric warfare capabilities under high-tech conditions. China definitely believes that asymmetric warfare operations have the advantage of creating a more smart attack style to avoid directly facing U.S. powerful military strength. In summary, asymmetric warfare operations are considered by the PLA as a kind of warfare that combined both the thinking of China's classic military strategist Sun Tzu 'using the inferior to defeat the superior' and the demand of the modern information technology such as IW applications. In face of China's development of asymmetric warfare capabilities, the United States must deeply think about how to deal with the threat from China's asymmetric warfare operations, which is gradually becoming the superpower in the world."

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