Large Facilities Manual, September 2009   [open pdf - 1MB]

"NSF makes awards to external entities - primarily universities, consortia of universities or non-profit organizations - to undertake construction, management and operation of facilities. Such awards frequently take the form of cooperative agreements.1 With the sole exception of NSF's facilities in Antarctica, for which the Foundation acquires construction, operating, and maintenance services, NSF does not directly construct or operate the facilities it supports. However, NSF retains responsibility for overseeing their development, management and successful performance, and this Manual is intended to: provide step-by-step guidance for NSF staff and awardees to carry out effective project planning, management and oversight of large facilities, recognizing that different kinds of projects may require different approaches; clearly state the policies, requirements and recommended procedures pertinent at each stage of a facility's life cycle - from conception to construction/acquisition, operations, renewal and/or phase-out and termination; and document the best practices identified over many years so that NSF program officials can ensure accountability and carry out their responsibilities more effectively."

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