Recovering from Disasters: The National Transportation Recovery Strategy   [open pdf - 731KB]

"The purpose of the National Transportation Recovery Strategy (NTRS) is to help you, as a transportation industry stakeholder or a local, tribal, or State government official, prepare for or manage the transportation recovery process following a major disaster. Communities hit hard by disaster face a variety of complex issues and choices during the disaster recovery process. When dealing with a multitude of demands for limited resources, the transition to recovery will be easier if the community takes the opportunity to convene those responsible for overseeing the recovery of various infrastructure networks together with residents to plan for the overall community recovery process. It is vital that all essential service providers in the community participate in this discussion (including education officials, sewage and water treatment officials, energy providers, communication officials, etc.). As a key public works provider, local transportation officials need to lead the integration of transportation recovery into the community's overall restoration plans. The NTRS is designed to help transportation industry stakeholders and local, tribal, and State government officials prepare for and manage the transportation recovery process following a major disaster. The overall goal of this Strategy is to promote a recovery process for transportation networks-and subsequently of communities in general-that results in a greater level of resilience."

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