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The Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP) hosted the "Challenges in International Cyber Security" conference at the National Defense University (NDU) on April 29-30, 2009. Twelve key observations during the conference were: "There is, in essence, but one network in cyberspace and all stakeholders have to cooperate in securing that network for every user; Developing effective defenses requires improved mechanisms of indication and warning, increased situational awareness, and the employment of advanced technology; There is broad consensus that international dialogue on cyber governance, crime and security is imperative and overdue; The potential for warfare in the cyber domain will be determined by three factors - the development of laws, a deterrence construct, and operations; Cyber threats are by their very nature asymmetrical and credible deterrence requires at least the capability to respond in kind to cyber attacks; There are three general levels of 'bad' cyber activity - individual hackers, organized criminal activity, and nation state on nation state attacks; The first requirement when seeking to coalesce cyberspace governance is the recognition that spoken and written words form the foundation of our understanding of cyberspace and its governance; The U.S. and others have not fully established national governance over cyberspace matters; We have entered an age of global interdependency in terms of national security and financial stability; When assessing international prospects for future cyber security efforts, considerations of statute and law are essential first order tasks; The international community needs to federate monitoring efforts not just among governments but also across the public-private divide; Meshing commercial goals with national security goals will further incentivize close cooperation and security advances."

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Challenges in International Cyber Security. Center For Technology and National Security Policy, Washington, DC. April 29-30, 2009
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