Review of the Department's Anti-Gang Intelligence and Coordination Centers   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) conducted this review to examine the intelligence and coordination activities of NGIC [National Gang Intelligence Center] and GangTECC [Gang Targeting, Enforcement, and Coordinating Center] (the Centers), and to assess the effectiveness of their contributions to the Department's anti-gang initiatives. Specifically, we examined whether the Centers provide comprehensive gang intelligence and coordination services to enhance gang investigations and prosecutions in the field. In addition, we assessed the effectiveness of the Department's management and co-location of the Centers. [...] Our review found that, after almost 3 years of operation, NGIC and GangTECC still have not made a significant impact on the Department's anti-gang activities. Despite being located in the same office suite, both NGIC and GangTECC are not effectively collaborating and are not sharing gang-related information. Most importantly, NGIC has not established a gang information database for collecting and disseminating gang intelligence as directed by statute. NGIC is perceived as predominately an FBI organization, and it has not developed the capability to effectively share gang intelligence and information with other law enforcement organizations. In contrast, we found that GangTECC has no budget and lacks the resources to carry out its mission. We also found that the Criminal Division has not filled an attorney position at GangTECC that is intended to enable it to provide guidance to law enforcement officials conducting gang investigations and prosecutions. [...] As a result of the above, NGIC and GangTECC are not effectively providing investigators and prosecutors with 'one-stop shopping' for gang information and assistance, and they are not contributing significantly to the Department's anti-gang initiatives."

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