Northwest Area Contingency Plan 2008   [open pdf - 0B]

"This is the Tenth release (Change 10) of the Northwest Area Contingency Plan (NWACP). This plan serves as both the Area Contingency Plan and the Regional Contingency Plan for the northwest states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, two US Coast Guard Captain of the Port Zones (Puget Sound and Portland), and the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Inland Zone. Federal, state, tribal, and local government representatives as well as representatives from commercial, non-profit, and private concerns continue to drive this planning effort from the ground up. For Washington, this document continues to function as the Washington Statewide Master Plan for oil spill and hazardous substance release response. For Oregon, the Oregon Emergency Response System Council approved the NWACP in June 1996 as the State's oil and hazardous materials emergency response plan. (State of Oregon Emergency Management Plan, Volume II, Part 3). For Idaho, this plan has been incorporated by reference into the Idaho Hazardous Materials Incident Command and Response Support Plan, which is an appendix to the Idaho State Disaster Emergency Plan. All federal, state, tribal, and local response organizations that are members of Regional Response Team 10 or the Northwest Area Committee should use this plan for responses to oil and hazardous materials spills, drills, and exercises. This plan supersedes the July 2007 release. There are a few substantive changes and additions to this version of the plan. In addition, the entire document has been reviewed and updated, as appropriate, to reflect as up to date information as possible."

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