Strategic Perspective on U.S. Homeland Defense: Problem and Response   [open pdf - 36KB]

This document is the transcript of a speech given by Dr. John J. Hamre, former Deputy Secretary of Defense. At the time of this speech Dr. Hamre was the President of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The speech was given at the Conference on Homeland Protection in April 2000. Dr. Hamre discusses issues of homeland defense beginning in the 1990s and the use of nontraditional means a country would use against the US because of the immense military power the US has. He also discusses the "residue of the Cold War" that includes large inventories of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons that have begun to fall into the hands of "bad people." Additionally, individuals such as Osama Bin Laden have shown that they have the ability to act internationally and involve other organizations. Dr. Hamre identifies and discusses three meanings of homeland defense, as mentioned above, in addition to cyber protections. Dr. Hamre questions who is ultimately able to combat these defense issues because they are so broad - national missile issues are for the DoD, WMD issues are both federal and DoD, and cyber issues are still unclear.

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Papers from the Conference on Homeland Protection, October 2000, p.11-25
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