InterAgency Board (IAB) Biological Issues Group: Gap Analysis of First Responder Response to an Environmental Biological Threat Incident   [open pdf - 322KB]

The InterAgency Board's (IAB) Biological Issues Group examined gaps in first responder response to environmental biological incidents. In doing so, the report covers: credible threat assessments; equipment; standards, policies and procedures; training and competency requirements; develop bioremediation standards and thresholds; autonomous detection systems; and sampling missions. "The issues and gaps identified need to be addressed at a national level. The IAB has identified the need for a well-vetted consensus set of standards along with accompanying policies, guidelines, and procedures that are founded and supported by scientific evidence and data including sampling and WMD response. Each standard must be followed by supportive documentation identifying the goals and objectives of the responders within the context of holistic emergency response. Within this is a range of educational requirements and validation of techniques and detection equipment."

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