Guide to Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit Installation and Operation   [open pdf - 776KB]

This handbook is designed to assist you in setting up and operating the reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU). It discusses site selection and layout; major components associated with the unit; set up, operation and shutdown procedures and the more critical maintenance activities needed to keep the unit functional. When coupled with information contained in Technical Order 40W4-13-41, AFPAM 10-219, Vol. 5, Bare Base Conceptual Planning Guide; AFH 10-222, Volume 1, Guide to Bare Base Development; and instruction received at Silver Flag and 49th MMG training sites, personnel should be capable of effectively setting up a basic water plant and producing potable water under contingency conditions. Information in this handbook assumes the reader has a basic familiarity with the ROWPU. Refer to the unit's technical orders for a detailed description, parts breakdown, troubleshooting information, and current changes. Remember, there are different models of the ROWPU in use - be sure the technical order you are using matches the equipment. Also available for review is a computer-based Qualification Training Package (QTP) on the unit.

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Air Force Handbook 10-222, v.9
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