Current Federal Identity Management and the Dynamic Signature Biometrics Option   [open pdf - 5MB]

"Although Identity Management (IdM) and biometrics have been engrained in the business practices of private and commercial organizations for decades, the United States Government (USG) and the Department of Defense (DoD) have only truly started to institute a holistic IdM Enterprise within the last decade. More specifically, the DoD has really sharpened the focus on leveraging biometrics since the beginning of the War on Terror. The operational capability to distinguish Red Forces or Gray Forces from Blue Forces is now a common daily occurrence. Regardless of the theater or Area of Operations, U.S. forces are utilizing biometrics to identify our enemies. In the next phase of implementing a comprehensive IdM Enterprise, the DoD is crafting new IdM policies, procedures, and systems that will distinguish between various levels of access and security controls among Blue Forces. Blue Force IdM architectures are required by specific USG and DoD policies to enforce standardization in policy and application across all federal agencies to improve and synchronize their business practices. And with many agencies crafting their own version of the future, a basic understanding of current IdM and biometrics requirements, as well as potential biometric resources, is necessary to move forward."

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