Hurricane Survey: Colonial Beach, Westmoreland County, Virginia   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This report presents the results from studies of hurricane tidal flooding and wave damage to the Town of Colonial Beach, Virginia, and adjacent areas. The purpose is to present the findings of this extended reconnaissance survey and recommendations for reduction of damages during future hurricanes. [...] The purpose of this investigation is to determine the advisability of hurricane protection works for the Town of Colonial Beach, Westmoreland County, Virginia. It was found that the town is subject to severe damage from tides, waves and winds, but that the construction of protective works including floodwalls, levees and gated barrier is not economically feasible. Accordingly, the authorization of a hurricane protection project is not recommended. Damages from future hurricanes could be reduced by raising roads and adopting zoning regulations. It is recommended that the report be published and distributed to appropriate local interests to serve as a guide in development of flood plain regulation, zoning ordinances, building codes, evacuation plans and other safety measures."

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