Tri-State Hurricane Property Loss Study: Technical Data Report for Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi   [open pdf - 25MB]

"This is a technical data report that presents the results of the first phase of a two-phase program. The purpose of this phase of the study is to estimate the property damages that could occur from potential hurricanes striking the most vulnerable areas [Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi] of the central gulf coast. [...] Quantitative property loss estimates are necessary to form the basis for hurricane recovery plans prepared at the state and local levels. To plan for recovery or to determine potential future mitigation measures against potential losses from hurricanes, governmental agencies must first have an awareness of the location and magnitude of quiescent hurricane hazards. This phase of study identifies the locations within each county that are highly vulnerable to the destructive forces of hurricanes and provides quantitative estimates of potential damages within those locations. The results of this phase of study also makes possible a more reliable instrument by which the location(s) and extent of the geographic area of study to be performed under Phase II can be determined."

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