Enhancing National Security by Strengthening the Legal Immigration System   [open pdf - 2MB]

"One of the biggest challenges the U.S. contends with is how foreign nationals are using the legal immigration system to embed themselves in the country. While not every person who commits immigration fraud is a terrorist, those who intend to do this country harm will likely engage in some form of immigration fraud or seek to evade immigration laws in order to gain admission into or remain in this country in an immigration status. Since the September 11, 2001 attacks, the reality that foreign terrorists seek to exploit loopholes in the international travel system to facilitate the planning and implementation of attacks has become clearer. This thesis explores the interconnected relationship between immigration and terrorism. It will illustrate how border security can be strengthened if terrorists' access to immigration benefits is denied. In order to ascertain how terrorist have been able to successfully manipulate the immigration system and avoid detection, this study analyzes the immigration histories of terrorists involved in four case studies. This analysis shows that rather than focus on one benefit category or manner of entry, terrorists will utilize all means available in order to gain admission into or remain in the country. The recommendations provided based on this analysis focus on all facets of the immigration system and apply a holistic approach to immigration reform."

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