Mass Evacuations: Planning for Sports Venues   [open pdf - 74KB]

This report discusses collaboration between public safety agencies and stadium officials in Spain. From the text: "On December 12, 2004, the stadium Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid was evacuated because of a bomb threat. Police and stadium security personnel implemented the stadium's emergency mass evacuation plan for the first time. In eight minutes, more than 70,000 people left the premises without incident. The Basque newspaper 'Gara' received an anonymous phone call at 7:55 pm announcing that the terrorist organization Euzkadi ta Askatasuna (ETA) had placed a bomb in the Santiago Bernabeu set to detonate at 9:00 pm. At 8:15 pm, police officers notified the stadium's security chief and General Director of the Spanish police Victor Garcia Hidalgo, who was in the stadium watching the game. Garcia Hidalgo established an emergency crisis group at the site and consulted with the Minister of the Interior and police and security officers."

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