Domestic Terrorism: Prevention Efforts in Selected Federal Courts and Mass Transit Systems, Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives   [open pdf - 9MB]

"Terrorist acts in the United States have thus far been too few to raise serious public concern, but the nation faces the dilemma of maintaining an effective level of protection without curtailing civil liberties. Concerned that security measures imposed without thorough study and planning may lead to measures that could be unintentionally repressive of civil liberties, the Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights of the House Committee on the Judiciary asked GAO [Government Accounting Office] to describe what was being done to protect against terrorism in two selected domestic infrastructure components-the federal courts and mass transit systems. GAO'S study framework consisted of six elements: the roles and responsibilities of units and individuals involved; their perceptions of terrorism threats; the existence and quality of risk assessments; risk-reduction selection factors such as concern for civil liberties; implemented riskr-eduction strategies; and evaluations of performance, effectiveness, and intrusiveness. Since GAO sampled only seven sites, used a case-study design. and focused on protective measures, the findings cannot be generalized to all federal courts or mass transit systems or to the totality of U.S. antiterrorism activities."

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