Statement by the President on Preliminary Information from His Ongoing Consultation about the Detroit Incident [December 29, 2009]   [open pdf - 38KB]

From the President's remarks on December 29, 2009: "I updated the American people on the immediate steps we took-the increased screening and security of air travel-to keep our country safe in the wake of the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day. And I announced two reviews-a review of our terrorist watch list system and a review of our air travel screening, so we can find out what went wrong, fix it and prevent future attacks. Those reviews began on Sunday and are now underway. Earlier today I issued the former [sic] guidelines for those reviews and directed that preliminary findings be provided to the White House by this Thursday. It's essential that we diagnose the problems quickly and deal with them immediately. Now, the more comprehensive, formal reviews and recommendations for improvement will be completed in the coming weeks, and I'm committed to working with Congress and our intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security communities to take all necessary steps to protect the country."

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