Catastrophic Incident Search and Rescue Addendum to the National Search and Rescue Manual: Version 1.1   [open pdf - 3MB]

"This Addendum provides guidance for catastrophic incident SAR (CIS). CIS consists of civil SAR operations carried out as all or part of the response to an emergency or disaster declared by the President, under provisions of the National Response Framework and its Emergency Support Function-9, Search and Rescue (ESF-9). Additionally, CIS is within the scope of the National Search and Rescue Plan (NSP) for which the National Search and Rescue Manual (NSM) and this Addendum to the NSM provide guidance. This Addendum is not intended to cover in any depth detailed information that should be included in other Federal agency or State SAR plans, or that is readily available elsewhere. Also, the material in this Addendum supplements, but does not supersede, provisions of the National Search and Rescue Plan (NSP) and the National Search and Rescue Manual (NSM). Depending on the nature of a catastrophic incident (i.e., earthquake, hurricane, terrorist attack, etc.), CIS operations may or may not be necessary; if CIS operations are conducted, operations may be minor, or a major aspect of the overall incident response. Also, State, local and tribal authorities may or may not be able to conduct CIS operations with their own resources. An effective response to a major catastrophic incident typically requires immediate, well-planned and closely coordinated large-scale actions and use of resources from multiple organizations."

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