Suspicious Indicators and Security Countermeasures for Foreign Collection Activities Directed Against the U.S. Defense Industry   [open pdf - 48KB]

Provides information to assist security professionals, counterintelligence personnel, and cleared contractors in recognizing suspicious contacts, and implementing threat-appropriate, cost-effective, and rational-security countermeasures. A summary of the suspicious contacts in 1999, reported by cleared defense contractors, indicates foreign entities employed a variety of Modus Operandi (MO) in attempting to acquire information. The following reported MOs along with the percentage employed in 1999 are as follows: Requests for Information, 25%; Foreign Visits, 14%; Solitication and Marketing of Services, 11%; Acquisition of Technology and Companies, 9%; Exploitation of Internet (Hacking), 6%; Exploitation of Joint Ventures and Joint Research, 5%; Targeting at International Conventions/Exhibitions, 5%; Foreign Employees, 2%; Targeting Cultural Commonalities, 2%; Targeting Former Employees, 1%. DSS has identified activities or circumstances that are part of these MOs, which can serve as indicators. While these indicators do not always equate to an actual foreign collection threat, they can serve as a signal. A number of indicators in a given situation might warrant further examination.

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