Environmental Policy Memo No. 3: Policy for Projects Initiated Without Environmental Review Required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)   [open pdf - 32KB]

"This memorandum, which reissues Environmental Policy Memo #3, maintains the original policy but includes clarifications recommended by the Council on Environmental Quality. Occasionally [the Federal Emergency Management Agency] FEMA funding is requested for an action that has been initiated and/or completed prior to environmental review and documentation as required by [the National Environmental Policy Act] NEPA and outlined in 44 CFR Part 10, FEMA's Environmental Considerations. Often when these actions occur, the applicant has already requested and attained local, state and Federal permits required for such actions. However, due to lack of prior Federal involvement, the full NEPA environmental review process has not been followed in which reasonable alternatives and their impacts are fully investigated and documented before the action takes place. There is minimal guidance in FEMA's regulations on how to address such situations, and this memorandum is intended to clarify policy and procedures for such actions.

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Environmental Policy Memo No. 3
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