Disaster Related Death: Managing Concerns About the Dead or Missing   [open pdf - 68KB]

"In all disasters, respect for the spiritual and religious customs associated with remains and burial is an important part of recovery for the affected population. Often customs may not be the same as ones own. Protecting the body and soul of the dead, the rituals of burial, who conducts the ceremonies and whether one can afford the ceremony/burial when you have just lost all your possessions are common concerns. Those who provide medical, psychiatric and mental health care we well as first responders and those recovering remains should seek out local religious leaders for specific guidance on customs for death and burials. For example, in Haiti, although 80% of the population are Catholic, nearly half of the population also practice Vodou. (AKA Voodoo, Vaudou or Vodoun). Belief in Vodou may or may not be acknowledged to a stranger. Specific rules and customs related to death and burial are very important in Vodou."

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