Neglected Issues and Possible Strategies for the Iraqi Economy After the 2003 Invasion   [open pdf - 879KB]

"National interests and plans for the future play an important role in international relations. Because the Middle East encompasses one of the most important resources -- oil, ongoing events in the area have impacted world economic conditions. For this reason, this thesis touches on the Iraqi economic situation after the 2003 invasion, since it plays a crucial role in the global economy and security. Beginning with the wrong policies of the Baath regime in the pre-invasion period, this thesis continues with the main problems of Iraq in the economic realm, then focuses on the three neglected issues--the informal economy, deterioration in social capital, and the insurgency and criminal gangs. All of these issues require great attention to build and maintain a secure and stable environment in Iraq. Then, the thesis gives some lessons learned to date, and solution propositions as strategies at the local level. It then concludes with general strategic points to look at in the future. During the thesis research, the latest formal reports were used to reveal the current situation in Iraq. Scholarly interpretations were cited from various scholars to evaluate the aftermath of the 2003 invasion in Iraq in broad sense. Finally, this thesis emphasizes the required remedies for a better Iraqi economy, and possible future expectations from U.S. decision makers."

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