Sustainability and Efficiency Task Force Recommendations, February 2010   [open pdf - 376KB]

"America's security is closely intertwined with its energy use. A wisely planned sustainability policy that addresses issues of economy, conservation, and future viability will allow the United States to move toward a safer and more secure future by reducing its dependence on foreign energy sources, increasing its dependence on renewable and low-carbon energy sources, and increasing its resilience in the face of disaster. This report by the Sustainability and Efficiency Task Force (SETF) - an independent advisory board comprised of sustainability experts from around the nation - outlines a strategy through which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can adopt sustainable practices, decrease reliance on foreign oil, limit contribution to climate change, and address fiscal concerns in a way that strengthens the DHS mission and enhances the overall security of the nation. To achieve these objectives, the Task Force recommends a number of immediate measures DHS should pursue as first steps on the road to sustainability. There is no federal agency better positioned to demonstrate the inseparability of sustainability and national security. Equally important, as this report will show, DHS is in a unique position to set the national paradigm for a sustainable, secure, and resilient future."

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