Health, United States, 2009 with Special Feature on Medical Technology   [open pdf - 10MB]

"Health, United States, 2009 is the 33rd annual report on the health status of the Nation, prepared by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services for the President and the Congress. In a Chartbook and 150 detailed tables, the report provides an annual picture of the health of the entire United States. Trends are presented for health status and health care utilization, resources, and expenditures. This year's report includes a special feature on medical technology. As advances in medical technology continue to transform the provision of health care and lengthen and improve quality of life, questions are increasingly raised about the appropriate and equitable use of this technology and how best to control its contribution to rising health care expenditures. Monitoring the health of the American people is an essential step in making sound health policy and setting research and program priorities. Health, United States presents trends and current information on measures and determinants of the Nation's health. It also identifies variations in health status, modifiable risk factors, and health care utilization among people by age, race and ethnicity, gender, education and income level, and geographic location. Given the increasing diversity of the Nation and the continuing changes in health care infrastructure, this is a challenging and critically important task."

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