Serial No. 106-171: Oversight of the State Department: Technology Modernization and Computer Security: Hearing before the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixth Congress, Second Session, June 22, 2000   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the opening statement of Benjamin A. Gilman: "I am pleased to convene this hearing on Oversight of the State Department, Technology, modernization and Computer Security. This is the fourth in a series of oversight hearings that this Committee will conduct relating to the Overseas Presence Advisory Panel, the OPAP. We began these hearings back in February when we heard from the panel's members. At that time, and today, I believe the panel highlighted some very important issues. This Committee supports many of the recommendations made as a basis of maintaining a more effective and efficient State Department. We are asking our panelists to provide the Committee with a comprehensive review of the condition of the State Department's information technology program, the safeguarding of its information and prospects of developing a common platform to facilitate communication among the agencies at posts. Along with the efficiencies of high tech systems comes a breadth of possible vulnerabilities. These systems demand continual security evaluations and resources that should be dedicated to this activity. Personnel at the State Department must have the capacity to communicate quickly and precisely with a variety of people. The Overseas Presence Advisory Panel observed that the Department's current infrastructure does not provide the means either to acquire information from a full range of sources or to disseminate it to a full range of audiences." Statements, letters, and material submitted for the record include those of the following: Fernando Burbano, Jack L. Brock, Jr., Mark T. Maybury, Wayne Rychak, and Benjamin A. Gilman.

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