Enhancing Security Through Biometric Identification   [open pdf - 570KB]

"Biometrics collected by US-VISIT and linked to collected since US-VISIT began to determine if specific biographic information allow for the a person is using an alias and attempting to use establishment, then verification, of a person's fraudulent identification. identity by the U.S. government. When an identification document is presented, a With each encounter, from applying for a visa person's biometrics are also checked against those to seeking immigration benefits to entering the associated with the document to ensure that the United States, US-VISIT checks a person's biometrics document belongs to the person presenting it and against a watch list of known or suspected terrorists, not someone else. criminals and immigration violators. US-VISIT provides the results of these checks to Those biometrics are also checked against the decision makers when and where they need it. entire database of all of the fingerprints the US-VISIT is helping prevent identity fraud and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has depriving criminals and immigration violators of the ability to cross our borders."

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