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The International Tsunami Information Center (ITIC) "maintains and develops relationships with scientific research and academic organizations, civil defense agencies, and the general public in order to carry out its mission to mitigate the hazards associated with tsunamis by improving tsunami preparedness for all Pacific Ocean nations. ITIC is also assisting in the development and implementation of tsunami warning and mitigation systems globally. [...] The ITIC's responsibilities include: monitoring the international tsunami warning activities in the Pacific and other oceans and recommending improvements in communications, data networks, acquisition and processing, tsunami forecasting methods, and information dissemination; bringing to Member and non-member States information on tsunami warning systems, on the affairs of IOC and ITIC, and on how to become active participants in the ICG/PTWS; assisting Member States in the establishment of national and regional warning systems, and the reduction of tsunami risk through comprehensive mitigation programmes; [and] acting as a clearinghouse for the development of educational and preparedness materials, event data collection, and the fostering research and its application to prevent loss of life."

International Tsunami Information Center
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