Information Technology: A Difference in Scope or Kind   [open pdf - 890KB]

This paper began as an investigation of Real Time Information to the Cockpit (RTIC) which involves providing information from one sensor to one shooter. The author quickly found himself drawn into an investigation of something larger and, he believes, more fundamental. Are we at the verge of a "revolution" in warfare? This paper proposes that we in the military have yet to answer the fundamental questions surrounding information technology's impact on operations, organization, or doctrine. In typical fashion we have attacked the hardware problems and left the tougher issues of doctrine and implementation until later. "Later" has arrived and the quicker we come to grips with these most fundamental issues the better- for both our military and our nation. What type of organizational structure do we need in order to take advantage of information technology? What doctrinal modifications are needed to accommodate an information intensive future? Does information technology blur our traditional concepts of strategic, operational, and tactical warfare? This paper, while not offering a detailed analysis of each subject, does generate dome "food for thought". It will center on those information technologies that include real-time and near real-time capabilities in an ever expanding "battlespace". Do today's information technologies really represent a difference in kind or just a difference in scope?

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