Emergency Medical Services, Agenda for the Future   [open pdf - 2MB]

"During the past 30 years, emergency medical services (EMS) in the United States have experienced explosive development and growth. […]. The EMS Agenda for the Future provides an opportunity to examine what has been learned during the past three decades and create a vision for the future. This opportunity comes at an important time, when those agencies, organizations, and individuals that affect EMS are evaluating its role in the context of a rapidly evolving health care system. The EMS Agenda for the Future project was supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau. This document focuses on aspects of EMS related to emergency care outside traditional health care facilities. It recognizes the changes occurring in the health care system of which EMS is a part. [...].This document serves as guidance for EMS providers, health care organizations and institutions, governmental agencies, and policy makers. They must be committed to improving the health of their communities and to ensuring that EMS efficiently contributes to that goal. They must invest the resources necessary to provide the nation's population with emergency health care that is reliably accessible, effective, subject to continuous evaluation, and integrated with the remainder of the health system. The EMS Agenda for the Future provides a vision for out-of-facility EMS. Achieving such a vision will require deliberate action and application of the knowledge gained during the past 30 year EMS experience. If pursued conscientiously, it will be an achievement with great benefits for all of society"

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