Suicide Bombers-Some Were Merely Children   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The recent introduction of suicide bombers into the American military's battle space is not new, remember the Japanese Kamikazes during World War I1I? These modern day bombers, however, have been operating primarily in the confines of the Israeli- Palestinian land until recently. In the year 2004, families in the Gaza Strip became highly alarmed when children as young as 11 were identified as potential bombers. These youngsters' elation and willingness to die perplexed many. The use of children, actually, is not new. Some African nations typically use child soldiers to fight their wars, Liberia is an example. This most brutal violence delivered with the elements of surprise, lethality, precision, and deception is created by mostly young adults of Arab descent. There is no notable feature; they are hard to detect, thereby, making everyone a potential target. This low cost, disposable human weapon, by far, is the most effective weapon against the technologically advanced militaries. There has been no method of deterrence identified to date. This paper will attempt to explore the root reason(s) of this barbaric weaponry. The root cause must be understood to begin working towards permanent eradication of suicide bombers."

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