D.I.M.E.F.I.L.: A Worldwide Campaign for Life   [open pdf - 244KB]

"Countering the trend of suicide bombings requires not only changing the mindset of the potential bomber, but ensuring terrorist organizations which use such methods will incur painful costs. In order to understand what could deter the suicide bomber it was necessary to conduct a study on the profile and the motivating factors of the bomber. What motivates the bomber to kill him or herself? The research conducted showed the motivating factors of a suicide bomber are the organization which recruits the bomber, religion, societal influences, politics and nationalism. The motivating factors for a female are very similar to the male, but most commonly women want to avenge an injustice such as the death or injury of a family member or friend or a rape or assault inflicted upon them. Whatever the motivating factor, women, more so than men, generate much more media coverage. Research indicates that some suicide bombers can be deterred through diplomacy, information, military, economic, financial, intelligence and law enforcement (D.I.M.E.F.I.L.) means, but these elements cannot stop suicide attacks. If these means of national power are not used as an ongoing method of deterrence, another 9/11 on U.S soil is a strong possibility."

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