Office of Global Maritime Situational Awareness Annual Report 2009   [open pdf - 4MB]

"The Office of Global Maritime Situational Awareness (OGMSA) is a multi-agency office created to coordinate efforts to achieve the situational awareness aspect of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) among U.S. federal, state, and local agencies, tribal authorities, other nations, and the maritime industry in support of the U.S. National Plan to Achieve Maritime Domain Awareness (NPAMDA). [...] Fiscal Year 2009 was a turning point for Maritime Domain Awareness [MDA] and the global maritime community of interest made significant progress in developing awareness of the maritime domain. President Obama reaffirmed the U.S. MDA governance process, keeping in place the interagency committee for coordinating Maritime Security policy. Vessel traffic in the open oceans became more transparent during FY09. The U.S. maritime community of interest significantly improved its ability to share data with the rest of the government, while federal departments charged with homeland defense and security took a major step forward developing a Common Intelligence Picture. Other nations improved their own MDA capabilities and shared those improvements with the global maritime community of interest. Even the civilian private sector became excited by the ability to contribute to and benefit from global maritime awareness during FY09 using off-the-shelf, Web based applications. This moves MDA into the open-source domain and begins to bring to certain non-classified elements of global maritime situational awareness the benefits of mass collaboration, with thousands of volunteers contributing their own knowledge and information to a common picture of the world's oceans. These developments set the stage for an even greater explosion of MDA achievements in Fiscal Year 2010."

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