Biometrics Task Force Annual Report FY09   [open pdf - 5MB]

This 2009 annual report from the Biometrics Task Force discusses the background of biometrics, and the role that it plays in protecting troops and civilians at home. This report discusses some of the accomplishments from 2009 and what the future holds for this technology. From the conclusion: "Biometrics enables and supports high-value target tracking, Maritime Interception Operations, personnel recovery, facility and logical access control, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, security operations, in-theater interagency operations, access to services for non-U.S. persons, and U.S. border protection. IdM [identity management] using biometrics has proven its utility for the warfighter. It is working so well in Iraq to track and detain known and suspected terrorists that those lessons learned are being shared in Afghanistan. In the past few years, the use of biometrics by DOD [Department of Defense] has increased rapidly. The technology is improving such that a search result can be returned to theater in less than two minutes. Because biometrics is enabling the warfighter and the mission, IED [improvised explosive device] makers and insurgents are continually being identified and taken out of circulation, further protecting forces in the field and citizens at home. Enabling critical DOD warfighting missions and DOD business functions while protecting the warfighters, privacy, and the data is at the heart of Identify, Enable, Protect."

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