2010 Haiti Earthquake Pre-decision Brief: Leptospirosis   [open pdf - 296KB]

"Leptospirosis is known to be endemic throughout the Caribbean Basin and Central America and is a reportable condition in Haiti. Factors associated with leptospirosis endemnicity include tropical climate, stagnant waters, poor levels of sanitation, flooding, and proximity of potential mammalian reservoirs to human populations. The Haitian System of Sanitary Information reported between 6,500 and 11,000 cases of Icteric Febrile Syndrome (Syndrome Icterique Febrile, or SIF) annually between 2005 and 2008. More than 12,700 cases of SIF were reported between January and June 2009. A Haitian study from the early 1960's reported that 30% of identified icteric infections were leptospirosis (Laroche 1965). Since a large proportion of patients with leptospirosis are never tested or reported, surveillance in Haiti tends to underestimate disease prevalence. A previous report on a serological survey of leptospirosis based on agglutination testing against live antigen (cutoff titer of 1:100) indicated that 64.9% transitional Haitian immigrants in Cuba had antibodies to leptospirosis (Pupo et al, 1983). Information on outbreaks in Haiti has not been published. There were no detected outbreaks following the hurricanes in 2005 or 2008."

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