H. Rept. 111-205, Part 1: Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2009, Report Together with Additional and Minority Views to Accompany H.R. 2868, July 13, 2009   [open pdf - 281KB]

Alternate Title: H. Rept. 111-205: Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2009

This is part one of a two-part House of Representatives Report on the "Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2009." From the report: "The purpose of H.R. 2868 is to amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to extend, modify, and recodify the authority of the Secretary of Homeland Security to enhance and security and protect against acts of terrorism against chemical facilities, and for other purposes." This report provides an amendment for H.R. 2868, along with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost estimate. Included in the report are the following sections: Purpose and Summary; Background and Need for Legislation; Hearings; Committee Consideration; Committee Votes; Committee Oversight Findings; New Budget Authority, Entitlement Authority, and Tax Expenditures; Congressional Budget Office Estimate; Statement of General Performance Goals and Objectives; Congressional Earmarks, Limited Tax Benefits, and Limited Tariff Benefits; Federal Mandates Statement; Advisory Committee Statement; Constitutional Authority Statement; Applicability to Legislative Branch; Section-by-Section Analysis of the Legislation; Changes in Existing Laws Made by the Bill, as Reported; and Additional and Minority Views.

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H. Rept. 111-205, Part 1; House Report 111-205, Part 1
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