Fusion 2.0: The Next Generation of Fusion in California: Aligning State and Regional Fusion Centers   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Abstract: "A growing number of states have created multiple fusion centers, including California. In addition to having a state fusion center, California has four regional centers statewide. Each center is separately governed, but intended to work together as a unified, statewide system. Given their recognized autonomy, the relationship between California's fusion centers is voluntary and 'horizontal' versus 'hierarchical,' with no single entity in charge. Consequently, the attainment and sustainment of a robust and synchronized partnership between California's fusion centers is dependent upon each center's commitment to collaborate. Current research has focused largely on building collaboration within fusion centers, as opposed to between fusion centers. This research seeks to identify the appropriate role and mission of California's state fusion center as it relates to strengthening stakeholder relationships, collaboration, and sustainability, through the analysis of data captured from California's regional centers, sheriffs and police chiefs, and examining the roles and methods of other state fusion centers in states with multiple centers. From this research, this thesis recommends a series of collaborative initiatives intended to help strengthen intra-state fusion center collaboration, more properly align state and regional fusion center efforts, and enhance sustainability through maintained relevancy and added value to stakeholders and customers."

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