Defining the Role and Responsibility of the Fire Service within Homeland Security   [open pdf - 552KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Many fire service providers (FSPs) do not adequately address homeland security. While some FSPs in the United States have dedicated homeland security divisions or operational practices, the majority do not. The current roles and responsibilities of most FSPs appear to be broad and vague, as there are no overall adopted best practices for developing homeland security response procedures and/or practices. While the majority of FSPs deliver fire suppression and emergency medical services, the majority of FSPs have not broadened their service delivery models to address the preventative, emergent and recovery phases of service delivery within homeland security. While there are no widely accepted practices, regulations or standards addressing FSPs and their expectations within homeland security, it is possible to create a structure upon which FSPs may build. This document will demonstrate the importance of cultural acceptance of homeland security services, which will lead to effective planning and preparedness as well as appropriate resourcing and training practices. From these components FSPs, regardless of their size, jurisdiction served, geographic location, jurisdictional target threat assessments, budgetary resources and staffing matrixes will be able to create a structure that will allow them to provide effective and efficient homeland security services."

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