Counterintelligence Reporting Requirements in the Department of Energy   [open pdf - 35KB]

"In the wake of highly publicized allegations of foreign espionage at DOE laboratories, and following the issuance of a Presidential Decision Directive in 1998, DOE has made sweeping changes in security and counterintelligence (CI). Organizational structure has been changed and new policies have been issued. All of these efforts have been intended to strengthen the security of sensitive information and resources under our care. [...] Our objective here is to provide a simple, but comprehensive, statement of reporting requirements, drawing essential content from prior guidance while attempting to eliminate confusion. This restatement of policy takes into consideration all prior CI reporting requirements, including the Close and Continuing Contact policy set forth in DOE Notice 142.1, 'Foreign Visits and Assignments' and the foreign contact reporting required by DOE [Department of Energy] Order 551.1, 'Official Foreign Travel'. In instances where this new formulation may conflict with prior statements of policy, this new guidance will be followed." In addition to a background, this document includes CI reporting requirements and glossary, frequently asked questions, and CI Reporting Matrix.

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