Tsunami Hazard Mitigation: A Report to the Senate Appropriations Committee   [open pdf - 671KB]

"The Senate Committee on Appropriations has expressed its concern about the destructive potential of a major tsunami to U.S. coastal communities and has issued the following directive to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): 'The Committee directs NOAA to prepare a plan for a tsunami warning system that could reduce risk to coastal residents. The plan should evaluate sites for a tsunami warning system that would assist States in the mapping of possible tsunami inundation. The Committee expects such a report no later than March 31, 1995.' (Report on FY95 Budget, July 1994) In response to this directive, NOAA has developed a plan to reduce the risk of tsunamis to coastal residents on U.S. coastlines. The strategy involves the use of new technologies along with better coordination of existing activities to reduce tsunami risk through an integrated program that focuses on: A. Hazard assessment (identify and map tsunami flooding potential) B. Real-time tsunami monitoring and warning systems (alert the people) C. Public education (population awareness and community response) Intensive workshops to develop each component have been held with broad-based participation that included tsunami scientists, Federal, State, and local emergency planners and emergency operators. Workshop participants focussed on evaluation of new hazard assessment and mitigation technology. NOAA technical reports were published on each workshop. This document summarizes and synthesizes these workshop recommendations into a coherent plan."

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